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"You are beautiful pure Love - Let it shine from an open heart."

- Jennifer Yost, MA

2017 Sponsors

Integrate Healing  Integrate Healing



Jennifer Yost
Jennifer Yost


The One Gathering Visionary, Jennifer Yost, MA, LMHC, has been working in the healing arts of counseling and energy healing for 17 years. In her private practice, Integrate Healing, she combines psychotherapy with Reiki and Quantum Healing to facilitate the transformation of clients’ outdated patterns on all levels of their being. With the rapid ascension of consciousness, Jennifer is inspired to reach as many as possible to teach of the illusions of fear and the power of Love to joyously come into this new "Self" that is globally being born. Jennifer’s background as a Reiki Master and practice of Quantum Healing led her to develop a way to channel high healing energy to large groups, energetically attuning crowds to the unconditional love of the heart chakra.

Website: Integrate Healing

Jennifer Yost
Osiris Indriya

Teacher, Spiritual Guide, Healer, Kabbalist, High Priest of Egyptian Magick

Osiris is an initiated Spiritual Guide and Ritual Master (Magus Hermeticus) in an 8000 year old lineage, certified by The Modern Mystery School™. This ancient system of self-mastery is centered around individual empowerment through participation in an oral tradition known as a The Path of Progression. Osiris is an apprentice instructor of the Universal Kabbalah, a 10-month ascension program offering participants the mystical tools of the Tree of Life to recreate their reality in alignment with a higher purpose.

Website: Blessoterra

John Gilbert
John Gilbert

Musical Guest

John Gilbert has been playing piano since the age of 9. He studied guitar at fourteen, and started his first band at fifteen years old. From the time John was eighteen, he became a full time musician and has made a living throughout the country. Beginning in 1994, John started studying metaphysics and was told that he had come here in this lifetime as a healer, and needed to address that. John was attuned in Reiki, and has learned several healing modalities including workshops of Psychism, medium ship, and general intuition. He began to integrate the piano + keyboard experience with healing, and now does sound healing workshops where people often have deep, transformational experiences through working with their chakra points using sound. John plans to run a co-operative healing retreat center in the near future where he and others all working for the same goal can live and support each other financially, emotionally and spiritually. John looks forward to meeting all of you in the near future for healing work, open discussions on all things metaphysical.


Jeremiah Kaynor
Jeremiah Kaynor


Jeremiah is the owner of Corvus Eye Productions and has been working as a creative producer, production manager and marketing producer since 2005 when he produced his first feature film “Timetravel_0”. The film became a success as an award-winning film with worldwide media coverage. Today, he works on projects for the Internet, television and feature films as a producer, director and cinematographer. Other work as a producer includes the TV Pilot “The Divine Marigolds” and award winning short “All My Presidents” and creating multiple historical films for Washington State cities. Jeremiah has made a choice to produce films that inspire and motivate the audience as well as visually captivate them. In 2012, he started working and studying with some amazing directors including Francisco Menendez, the professor of Advance Creative Directing at University of Nevada Las Vegas. From that Jeremiah honed his skills as a creative actors director. He also started to refine his onset skills behind the camera as a Ronin Camera Stabilization operator and expanded his specialties to aerial cinematography and now holds his FAA 333 Exemption for flying drones for cinema. He has now made his mark as a filmmaker, DP and Director as he has been the creative mind behind many projects. For the last two years he has been instructing aerial cinematography, camera stabilization with gimbals, cinematography and directing to classes and workshops throughout Washington State.



Envelop yourself in the soulful music of John Gilbert, while viewing multi-dimensional motion graphics, by Jeremiah Kaynor. Join featured 2017 guests, with TOG facilitator, Jennifer Yost, MA, Reiki Master, and Special Guest Teacher, Osiris Indriya. Together, we assist you to adjust your energetic body to the planet’s energies and to those around you. The signature and final piece of the program is the energetic heart chakra attunement to connect mind into heart, allowing ego to serve your higher self.

Each One Gathering is unique to the audience and the energy needing to come through for the highest, best, good. You will be entertained while receiving healing on all levels! The theme for this upcoming June program coincides with our connection to Earth Mother. We will receive downloads to remembering our natural relationship with Her and living in harmonic balance with our Mother and with each other.


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To expand and lift mass consciousness to a higher vibration of peace and joy. Facilitate enlightenment of experiencing the sense of Oneness with humanity in order to create more peace and harmony on the planet.

It is our intention for attendees to walk away feeling lighter, inspired, and expanded or ‘awakened,’ in divine alignment with their higher self.

It is also our mission to bring healing energy to the geographical locations where The One Gatherings are held, subtly shifting the energy of towns, cities, and countries to a higher frequency of peace and love.


ABOUT - The One Gathering

This 2.5 hour multi-sensory program expands heart-centered consciousness to harmonize and create more abundance in your life.

Through live music, inspirational talks, high energetic frequency graphics, and a crowd healing attunement, The One Gathering energizes and entertains, while facilitating healing on all levels of your being.


Jennifer Yost - Visionary

As the world has been changing on many levels in it’s ascension of consciousness, Jennifer Yost, MA, LMHC, felt a strong calling in 2007, to expand her counseling and energetic healing practice to a larger audience. She has produced seven, ‘The One Gatherings,’ to date.

Jennifer feels that these are very trans-formative and pivotal times on the planet and would like to assist humanity in transcending this “birthing” into higher consciousness with as much grace and ease as possible. She feels the healing group attunement offered to One Gathering attendees is essential to energetically integrate the program content, and allow the release of what no longer serves- in doing so, raising consciousness.

"There is nothing to fear when centered within the Truth of the heart." ~ Jennifer Yost

Be a part of the wave of Light in Seattle ~
Shifting Consciousness Together

June 24, 2017 Tickets On Sale Now!

$25 in Advance; $35 at the Door


Jet City Improv Theater
5510 University Way NE
Seattle WA 98105

Special Group Rates

4+ tickets receive
a $5/ticket discount
Call or email to arrange



3:30 PM – 6:00 PM

Doors Open 3:00 PM